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Smile For Real I Have Braces in Portland, OR

We’re definitely not your typical orthodontic practice.

Which makes sense, because you’re not typical either. You are who you are, and we encourage you to embrace that! No matter how straight your teeth are, your smile is still the most real reflection of you there is. You might feel like your teeth are a tiny bit crooked or you might feel like they’re totally bejangled, but no matter what, we want to help the real you shine through. Let our expert team help you smile for real. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners

We <3 Invisalign – it’s an awesome alternative to braces. But the best part is we can monitor your progress remotely. That means you only have to see us a couple of times in person. The rest of the visits can be virtual. I may want invisalign

Smile For Real I Have Braces in Portland, OR

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We're Blushing.

North Portland Orthodontics is so fabulous. They are so thorough with their care, making sure you’re completely set all the way through your braces and after with your retainer needs. My original glued bottom retainer lasted TEN years before needing a small piece of glue replaced. They were super quick with getting me an appointment and were super friendly during this visit.

- Jennifer S.

Dr. Crowe and her staff are the best! Everyone is very friendly and takes the time to answer your questions. My kids love going to the orthodontist, which I can’t complain about. Dr. Crowe is personable, silly with the kids, and has always presented all of the different alternatives to treatment. She supports a conservative approach. My kids love the shirts they’ve gotten, the chances to win prizes each month, and everyone there. I will not take my children anywhere else!

- Julie N.

Very friendly, got treatment for an under bite and gaps, and was very satisfied, Love the staff, amazing group of people, been recommending to everyone who asks me about my smile, I've had my sister, cousin, friends all have treatment here, and everyone always has good things to say. highly recommend.

- Aris V.

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